• Olivia Yap
    Olivia YapFounder / Yoga Instructor

    Olivia Yap ; Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor ,spiritual guru.

    For eight years, Olivia Yap worked as an accounting manager. The role was lightly stressful, leading to skin problems, including acne. She was desperate for help and during a vacation to Bali , she met a French doctor and Australia herbalist who showed her how to use natural ingredients extracted from volcanic soil to treat her skin. The acne and all the other skin problems clear up quickly and she know that she had found something she needed to share with others, co-founding OLIVIA alongside her sister Peggy in order to offer others the wonderful, organic products that had made a difference for her.

    Today, Olivia is a certified RYT 200 Yoga instructor and entrepreneur. She began studying yoga because she wanted to achieve something, staying fit while also coming to know her inner self. Through yoga, she had taken control and come to know herself in a much deeper level. She wants to share with others all the gifts that yoga has given her. She wants to help others to achieve greater beauty, greater strength, greater health and greater awareness of the inner self.

    She embraces the quote, your own mind will have become your book. Namaste!

    • Dr.Damein Bernard-Laufer
      Dr.Damein Bernard-LauferSkin care Specialist

      A former French Pharmacist in Research & Development (specialized in skincare division) at L’oreal Paris in France.
      He later on developed unique formulas & exceptional quality productline (Naturasie) for cosmetics and beauty spa products ; from natural extracts: organic aloe vera , organic cocoa butter, hibiscus extracts, green tea .All based on natural ingredients from the rich Volcano soil.

      • Ms. Maureen A.Treacy
        Ms. Maureen A.TreacyNaturopathic Herbalist

        As a burn victim many years ago. Ms. Treacy sought many remedies to heal her skin and finally found the solution in essential oils. This led the mother of two young children from Australia to create the products with essential oils as the main ingredient.

        Australia  certified Organic & Vegan skincare.

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        • Peggy

          Our Naturasie products

          • From the island o that offers a rich tropical nature to develop innovative and exceptional quality product lines.
          • From natural extracts: organic aloe vera, organic cocoa butter, hibiscus extracts, green tea & etc..

          Essentials products are:

          • Formulated using organic and natural ingredients.
          • Developed by a Naturopathic Herbalist, an Aroma therapist and a Chemical Analyst.
          • Packaged by hand using recycled and natural materials.

          Essentials ingredients

          • Hand harvested and cruelty-free
          • Selected for their therapeutic properties and genuine effectiveness
          • Preservative free and naturally long lasting
          • Tested on humans and not animals

          All natural skin care made primary from pure & Natural ingredients

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